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Christmas Chocolates Box Recipes (Perfect Edible Gift!)

These Christmas Chocolates Box Recipes are for you who is tired of all the Christmas cookies and would rather just make a lot of exciting chocolates! Every year I gift an assortment of delicious chocolates, from white to milk to dark, to filled and not filled. I'm positive you will find your favorite here too!


A wooden crate with 8 different chocolates. Red linen and flowers around.


You can make as many or as few as you want, or just one to keep it simple. I often go for 7 varieties (8 in these photos), but that also takes me about 12 hours to make. However, if you split it into a weekend, with several little or big helpers, then it's not so bad. And it's fun - but most of all it's delicious!


And yes, I make so many because I want them too, so if you think you'll be giving them all away. Think again. It's so hard to resist a snappy chocolate filled with salted caramel or a peppermint filling. Trust me.


My perfect ratio of chocolates


So I want my Christmas chocolates box to have enough variety. That is why I want to mix and match between white, milk and dark chocolate. Snappy chocolates with creamy filling (aka Belgian pralines), some with a soft center and some without a center. Some truffles for creamy texture, and/or some fudge for chew. 


  • White chocolate - e.g., white chocolate filled with raspberry jam
  • Milk chocolate - e.g., chocolates filled with salted caramel and/or almond crunch milk chocolates
  • Dark chocolate - most other chocolates
  • Truffles - for example coffee chocolate truffles or peppermint cream cheese filled truffles
  • Fudge - like orange chocolate fudge


A wooden crate with 4 ramekins with chocolates and more around them.


Apart from this, I also have to have the classic chocolate pairings;

  • Coffee
  • Peppermint
  • Orange
  • Salted caramel
  • Nuts


So you see how easy it is to get at least 7-8 chocolates in my chocolate box? I am also always trying something new every year, as I can't seem to help myself. So whenever I find some new treats, I'll add them to this list!


So tell me, which one is your favorite?


A vintage wooden crate filled with various chocolates.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.