Find your perfect appetizer recipe. Whether it being a Thanksgiving appetizer, summer BBQ finger food, game day or Super Bowl party food. Every occasion needs different appetizers and atmosphere.


Here you’ll find a vast variety of recipes, such as this wonderful Wild Mushroom Ravioli (which also doubles as a main course!), or these cute Caramelized Onion, Mushroom and Apple Puffs.

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You will always find a beef recipe to fit your mood. There’s plenty delicious recipes using ground beef, ranging from a juicy chipotle burger, enchiladas or an extra flavorful bolognese.


If you’re feeling more for unprocessed beef, my favorites include (but are not limited to) this Korean beef bulgogi, beef and broccoli and spicy chili beef.

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As the berryholic that I am, I need a dedicated berry recipe collection. Strawberry recipes like these scones, raspberry in cordial, blueberry like in these muffins, red currant recipes like this lemon curd brûlée tart, and blackberry in this grilled cheese.


There are also some savory dishes like this arugula summer salad and balsamic brussels sprouts.

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Blackberry is a late summer berry that can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. Of course we need to make a large batch of blackberry syrup to pour over this lemon curd pavlova. A blackberry grilled cheese or blackberry lemon crepes for brunch.

For savory, why don’t you try blackberry balsamic glaze brussels sprouts and for after hours, this delicious martini.

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Are you short on breakfast ideas, and stuck in a breakfast rut? Here you’d find all my favorite breakfast recipes, ranging from sweet buns and pancakes, to savory chives and cheese scrambled eggs.


Sometimes we need healthy breakfast ideas, and other times we’re ready to indulge in the perfect brunch menu. On the go breakfasts, such as these peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, and of course all the coffee recipes!

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Buns & Bread

I’m here to tell you that making homemade bread and buns are easier than you may think. I’m always sharing my best tips on how to make fluffy buns, fillings to pizza rolls and even naan!


The smell when homemade bread is baking in the oven is super hard to beat. Imagine the smell of cinnamon rolls or Scandinavian saffron buns for Christmas. Comfort food at its finest.

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Cakes, Cupcakes & Pies

Do you need inspiration for your next birthday cake or no-excuse-needed cake? Strawberry lemon curd cake or a lemon vanilla ricotta cake are my go to birthday cakes. All the while lemon cream cheese and chocolate pear hazelnut are my favorite coffee cakes!


Cupcakes are easy to make and easy to feed a crowd. They are fun to decorate and can come in the shape of pumpkin white chocolate muffins, chocolate coffee Baileys cupcakes or absolutely scrumptious blueberry muffins with crumb topping. So here’s a recipe for all to enjoy!

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Chicken is my favorite protein because it is so versatile. Try this lemon baked chicken or mexican mango salad for a healthy dinner.

If you’re interested in a quick and easy dinner I can recommend this rosemary sun-dried tomato pasta, Thai soup or sheet pan chicken fajitas.

For extra flavor, I really love this chicken shawarma or crispy panko chicken burger.

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Forget about diamonds, chocolate is a girl’s best friend! Chocolate can cure whatever and improve your mood pretty much instantly. My favorite chocolate cakes are classic brownies, orange and chocolate layer cake and chocolate coffee cupcakes.


But I also love to make small chocolates, like chocolate coffee truffles, peppermint cream cheese truffles and almond crunch milk chocolates.

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It’s after 5 p.m. somewhere in the world, right? A cocktail is a must for a hot summer evening, by the pool or on a picnic. My favorite summer cocktails are apricot and rosemary gin fizz, cucumber pomegranate vodka lemonade and a classic mojito.


But we can also enjoy a lovely cocktail during Christmas and winter. A decadent Irish coffee, Nordic gløgg or a creamy eggnog will warm you right up!

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Comfort food makes us feel good and happy. Food should be all about feeling good and happy and are often filled with cheese, carbs and flavor. Try the reader favorite cheesy beef and beans enchiladas or easy homemade pizza rolls.


There are not just carby dinners, there are also sweets like chocolate crinkle cookies and the lighter Summer meals like spicy beef bulgogi. Comfort food really depends on our mood!

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Cookies & Small Treats

Cookies and Small Treats – cookies are the one thing we are all raving about during the Christmas holiday. My favorite Christmas cookies include Norwegian Christmas men cookies, chocolate crinkle cookies and eggnog cookies.


But there’s so much more than just Christmas cookies! I love PB chocolate chip cookies on a rainy Summer day, or apple cider donuts for Fall. There’s also Fresh Jello and chocolatey small treats for all kinds of moods and festivities!

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The favorite part of any meal is the dessert. That sweet little thing rounds off the meal perfectly. I’m always tempted by a delicious chocolate lava cake, pumpkin crème brûlée or a fresh homemade jello.


Whether you want to indulge in a decadent tiramisu cake or a lighter summer berry pavlova, I’ve got you covered. A mouthwateringly good dessert collection for any kind of occasion! I have always room for dessert – how about you?

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There’s a drink for any time of the day, any time of the year and any occasion! I love a good apple caramel latte macchiato or peppermint mocha in the morning, a green smoothie for lunch and apricot rosemary gin fizz for after hours!


There’s creamy chocolatey drinks like a decadent hot chocolate and orange hot chocolate, but also super fresh cocktails like a cucumber pomegranate vodka lemonade (perfect for brunch!). I am confident you will find your next favorite drink in this collection.

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Fall & Halloween

From gory desserts like this Dracula Black Forest Cake, elegant cocktails like blackberry martini and cranberry sangria to cute and healthy family dinners like this rice and beans Jack O’ Lantern, I’ve got all the Hallowen recipes.


For the rest of the Fall, I focus on cozy recipes such as the classic pumpkin spice latte, curry coconut carrot soup and apple cider donuts. Fall is all about simple comfort food and of course the colder temperature means that it’s soup season!

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Fruit & Smoothies

All the recipes including lots of fruits. Not just delicious green smoothies and tropical mango smoothies, but also recipes like black forest cake including cherry sauce and how to make pumpkin puree.

If you’ve got a lot of berries, I can highly recommend making your own jello with fresh fruit, blackberry syrup or a summer berry pavlova. Citrus season is also the best about Winter, with baked grapefruit and a sweet and spicy hot orange drink. Lots of ways to use berries and citrus!

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Gluten Free

Some recipes are naturally gluten free, and they still make it into this collection of recipes because it’s easier for you and for me! Macarons are of course the classic gluten free dessert option.


Eating gluten free can be really difficult, but there are a lot of delicious recipes to try! I love a good pavlova with eggnog cream for Christmas, fresh fruit and vanilla pastry cream for Summer, and lemon curd the rest of the year.

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Healthy food does not need to be boring – not at all! This collection of healthy recipes is proof of how mouthwateringly good and fresh and filling healthy food can be.


Some of my favorites are grilled halloumi and garlic veggie quinoa salad, tabbouleh and a healthy pasta salad with tomato and zucchini for dinner. For dessert there are the low cal fresh jello and a coffee infused quinoa for breakfast.

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When lunch comes around, both typical breakfast recipes like a peanut butter chia pudding or whole wheat bread rolls, and typical dinner recipes like lemon chicken winter salad and homemade pizza rolls are acceptable.


It’s a time of day when everything is allowed, and therefore there will be a long list of dishes and recipes to try. My favorite for lunch will forever be chives and cheese scrambled eggs though!

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Main Courses

The main course, or dinner, is the highlight of the day for many. And why shouldn’t it be? A great dinner can make or break the day. Imagine a big juicy, panko chicken burger or herby fresh baked falafel with lots of veggies.


Dinner needs to be versatile, with lots of soups, veggies, chicken, beef, vegan, errythinggg. On my heavy dinner rotation is the chicken shawarma, curry coconut carrot soup, beef bulgogi and cheesy enchiladas!

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Noodles & Pasta

Noodles are the ultimate comfort food, but in smaller quantities they actually can be in healthy dinners too (like my fave healthy pasta salad). If I’m ever struggling with what to have for dinner, noodles are my go-to friend.


Noodles are often really quick and easy to make, like this 20 minute lo mein, rosemary chicken pasta and skinny Thai chicken noodle soup! I’m sure you will find your next fave pasta recipe in this collection.

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Rice & Grains

Rice & Grains are often the body of the dish, making it more filling and mega delicious. It can work as breakfast like my macchiato breakfast quinoa, as a side dish like Mexican fried rice or even as a main like the rice and beans stuffed peppers.

I have a weak spot for quinoa salads, and so I put them with Jamaican jerk chicken, mango chipotle, halloumi and garlic veggies and so much more. Click and see for yourself!

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I’m such a sucker for round-ups. Whenever I just want to browse some ideas, I go to a round-up. Some are festive like the 11 whiskey cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day, some are healthy like these 31 healthy breakfast recipes, and some are just so delicious like these 25 jolly Christmas cookie recipes.


I’m also calling my complete Thanksgiving for Two menu a round-up, considering it consists of a ton of delicious Thanksgiving recipes. And then I follow it up with 7 fabulous Thanksgiving leftover recipe ideas!

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Salads should never be boring! They should have tons of texture, from creamy honey mustard dressing in this lemon chicken winter salad, to filling quinoa in this halloumi quinoa salad and the freshest vegetables in this healthy pasta salad with tomatoes and zucchini.


A salad is perfect as a main course, as this Mexican inspired mango salad. And as a side dish as this fresh strawberry arugula summer salad and zesty tabbouleh with quinoa. Salads are more than just lettuce and tomato!

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Find your next favorite sandwiches right in this collection. Ranging from various grilled cheeses, lettuce wraps like a Korean bulgogi, and burgers such as this amazing panko chicken sandwich.


It’s hard to beat an Everything parmesan crusted grilled cheese, but sometimes we want a little tangier and fresher filling such as in this blackberry basil grilled cheese. Here’s a collection with tons of hot and cold sandwiches, and baguettes perfect for summer picnics.

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Sauces & Spices

I don’t call my blog Ginger with Spice without loving the spice! It can elevate any boring dish to be anything but. Many of my favorites are Middle Eastern za’atar, baharat and shawarma.


But spices are great everywhere; Indian style garam masala/curry and Italian seasoning. Sauces are also a big flavor enhancer, such as orange honey mustard dressing and pineapple salsa. Sometimes, the sauce is the reason I eat it!

All Sauces & Spices


Sometimes all I know what I want from a recipe is that it’s savory. It can be savory breakfast ideas such as chives scrambled eggs or a grilled cheese, or it can be dinners and side dishes like parmesan green beans and healthy lemon chicken.


All kinds of sauces and spices would also be included here, such as Italian seasoning and sun-dried tomato pesto. Everything with a lot of umami and delicious flavor!

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Being a Norwegian/Scandinavian, naturally there will be a lot of Scandinavian or Scandinavian inspired recipes. Because tradition is really big in Scandinavia during Christmas, a lot of these recipes will be Christmas related.


My favorites include easy chocolate rice puffs, Scandinavian mulled wine and crispy donuts. But there are many goodies that’s not Christmas related too: vanilla custard coconut buns, fresh jello and almond crunch chocolates among others!

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A meal isn’t perfect before you complete it with a delicious side dish or even multiple sides. There’s the potatoes, rice, veggies but also delicious sauces and bread! Some healthy and some cheesy, of course.


My favorites are fresh tabbouleh, spicy guacamole and za’atar date naan, but also classics like sweet potato mash and green beans. And as a fresh summer side salad: strawberry arugula salad!


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A collection of healthy snacks like a coconut chia pudding or a smoothie, delicious game day guacamole dips and pizza rolls. Some appetizers often double as a snack, and vice versa, too.


But also sweets as chocolates, cookies  like peanut butter choco chips and muffins, both more filling cranberry oats muffins and sinfully fresh and sweet blueberry muffins. Here’s grab and go snacks for all occasions!

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Soups & Stews

Soups & stews are always delicious comfort food, and very often are they surprisingly healthy as well. My fave healthy soups are the skinny Thai chicken noodle soup and the perfect trifecta of C’s: the curry coconut carrot soup.


I also love using my turkey leftovers for this Moroccan turkey stew with lentils and spinach and this fresh and gingery coconut lentil curry has become one of my new vegan favorites!



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Special Occasion

Recipes for a special occasion are often extra decadent and extra delicious. For Christmas I love a creamy eggnog pavlova or a cozy peppermint mocha. For Easter it’s all about the lemon meringue cupcakes.


There are recipes perfect for any special occasion, ranging from Valentine’s Day (hello chocolate lava cake), St. Patrick’s Day (all the whiskey), Easter, Halloween, to Thanksgiving and of course Christmas.

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Spice Mixes

What would Ginger with Spice be without the spice! I’m torn between all these delicious spices, and struggle to find my favorites. For Middle Eastern flavor, why don’t you try shawarma, baharat or za’atar?


Other classics are Italian seasoning, Everything spice and Chinese five spice. Click to see if you can pick your poison!

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Spring & Easter

Recipes for Spring & Easter are filled with all the lemon goodness both in savory salads like a lemon chicken with a green spring salad, and decadent desserts like a lemon meringue cupcake.


Considering Easter is often at the same time as St. Patrick’s Day, there will be a delicious Irish coffee and a classic whiskey sour too! Writing this, makes me realize I am really lacking in fantastic lamb dishes though, but remember I am on it!

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Summer & BBQ

All the best Summer and BBQ recipes all in one place. Fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruit makes this healthy pasta salad, roasted tomato soup and rhubarb crisp the perfect Summer treats.


We’ve got healthy dinner recipes, easy no bake desserts and of course all the burgers! Panko chicken burger and chipotle beef burger are staple BBQ recipes at my house. And don’t forget about the fresh cocktails, such as this apricot rosemary gin fizz!

All Summer & BBQ


As we say in Norway, I am a huge sugar butt, loving all the sweets. My all time favorite is all the chocolate, ranging from small chocolates like these almond crunch milk chocolates and peppermint cream cheese truffles to decadent lava cakes and gooey brownies.


But I also love all the lemon things during Winter and Spring (try these crepes!), and all the berry dishes during Summer, ranging from fresh jello to blackberry sauces and blueberry muffins. Some of the recipes are easy, but all of them are ultra delicious!

All Sweets


Vegetarian recipes are recipes perfect as a Meatless Monday option, such as homemade roasted tomato soup and halloumi salad, but also easy side dishes like my parmesan green beans and quinoa tabbouleh.


A lot of these vegetarian dishes are also vegan, and my favorite is this ginger lentil coconut curry and crispy baked falafel.

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Winter & Christmas

This Winter & Christmas collection is filled with delicious and decadent Christmas sweet treats like eggnog Christmas pavlova and chocolate crinkle cookies, and comforting sweet potato mash and citrus rosemary turkey for your Christmas dinners.


But during Winter there are also New Years resolutions and healthier dinners like this fantastic lemon chicken winter salad and cozy curry coconut carrot soup. Maybe this category has too much of a contrast, but that is Winter for you – contrast!

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