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11 Refreshing Whiskey Cocktails to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Style!

Collage of several whiskey cocktails for St. Patrick's Day


St. Patrick's Day is creeping up on us, and it is such a festive day that needs a good whiskey cocktail. St. Patrick's Day is celebrated March 17th and I think it's the perfect day for a round-up of refreshing whiskey cocktails that is sweet, fresh, sour, or coffee infused!


Spring is here, and we'll leave all the delicious apple cider, salted caramel and chocolate cocktails for fall and winter. Now it's all about classic Irish cocktails and fresh spring and summer flavors. We have the classic Irish coffee because we love coffee and hey, it's the most iconic Irish drink, don't you think? Whiskey or bourbon is the heart of all these recipes, and I hope you'll enjoy them.


Put your greenest shirt and party hat on and give these delicious whiskey cocktails a try!


1. The Penicillin Cocktail with Ginger, Lemon and Honey


Not much can compete with a thick ginger syrup, honey and tangy lemon to go with whiskey. It's such a sweet and sour drink that I think is both perfect for Winter AND Summertime. It's almost like a remedy for a cold, but also for heatwaves.


Penicillin cocktail with ice cubes and rosemary sprig in a round class. On top of a stone plate.


Find my recipe for The Penicillin here.


2. The Irish Mule


The Irish Mule is a refreshing cocktail made with ginger beer, lime juice and whiskey. This is also the perfection of a sweet and sour whiskey cocktail. Summery fresh ginger beer and lemon juice makes this drink perfect for the upcoming sunnier months!


Irish Mule whiskey cocktail in a copper mug with mint and lime wedge.


Find Fox and Briar's recipe for The Irish Mule here.


3. Lemon Rosemary Bourbon Sour


Lemon and rosemary is a match made in heaven, it works perfectly in both sweet and savory dishes, and also in this fabulous fresh Summer drink that really works all year around. The herby flavor of rosemary works so well in whiskey cocktails and gives an amazing aromatic zing.


Lemon Rosemary Bourbon Sour in a clear glass with ice cubes and rosemary garnish.


Find Foxes Love Lemons' Lemon Rosemary Bourbon Sour here. 


4. Classic Irish Coffee


We couldn't just walk past the creamy dreamy Irish coffee in this whiskey cocktails recipe round-up. There are 2 reasons for this. 1. It's one of Ireland's greatest inventions. 2. It's simply delicious.  You cannot go wrong when you add sugar, coffee and cream to whiskey!


Classic Irish Coffee


Find my recipe for Irish coffee here.


5. Green Irish Whiskey Sangria


This sangria screammms Spring, don't you think? The green color is perfect for both St. Patrick's day, but also Spring in general. It's filled to the brim with apples and pears, grapes and kiwis, and can one really ask for more in a refreshing drink? Yes - add whiskey!


Whiskey Sangria in a clear pitcher, kiwis, apples, pears and grapes.


Find Sugar and Charm's recipe for Green Irish Whiskey Sangria here.


6. Irish Redhead


This whiskey cocktail is perfect for me and this blog! As you may know, the name Ginger with Spice is a play both on my red hair and the fact that ginger is the greatest thing in the world. And to celebrate our redhaired Irish friends we serve up this fantastic sweet and sour drink.


Tom collins glass filled with the Irish redhead cocktail. On a green napkin.


Find Drink Kings' Irish Redhead cocktail here. 


7. Cherry Bourbon Smash


Fruity cherry, fresh mint and sour lemon makes this drink a perfect Spring and Summer cocktail. And if you want you could even make your own cherry infused bourbon to easily make a bunch of this deliciously fruity whiskey cocktail during the Summer months.


Cherry Bourbon Cocktail on a patterned napkin with a plate of cherries in the background.


Find Burrata and Bubble's recipe for cherry bourbon smash here.


8. Classic Whiskey Sour


Also important to include the classic whiskey sour that is super simple to make and with minimal ingredients. It is sweet, it is sour and let's be honest; it's kind of strong. This whiskey sour is the perfect blend of lemon, sugar and whiskey!


Whiskey Sour or Whisky Sour - The Classic Way


Find my recipe for the whiskey sour here.


9. Irish Margarita


This green cocktail will definitely be a show stopper at your St. Patrick's Day party! The Irish margarita is a fruity and sweet whiskey cocktail that is perfect as a Spring or Summer drink. It's got tropical flavors of pineapple and peach and I can just taste Summer getting closer.


Green Irish margarita in a margarita glass with sugar rim and lime garnish.


Find Restless Chipotle's recipe for Irish Marharita here.


10. Irish Maiden


Who else loves the name of this cocktail?! This whiskey cocktail is made with refreshing ginger ale and bitter grapefruit and a touch of sweetness from honey. This is a perfect combination between spicy, sweet and bitter!


Irish Maiden Whiskey cocktail in a rock glass with ice cubes and green straw.


Find Foodie Misadventures' recipe for the Irish Maiden here.


11. Irish Whiskey Smash


Bright mint and tart lemon makes this whiskey smash a perfect Spring drink. Fresh herbs gives exciting aromatic pizzazz to any cocktail, and mint is one of my all time faves. Perfect just in time for early Spring and St. Patrick's Day!


Wine glass without stem with Irish Whiskey Smash on a white coaster. Lemon wedges in the background.


Find Burrata and Bubble's recipe for Irish Whiskey Smash here. 


Bonus: Grapefruit Whiskey Sour


Sometimes a drink can benefit from a bitter element, and this drink definitely does so. So take advantage of the citrus season and make a delicious grapefruit whiskey sour for St. Patrick's Day. And just look at how gorgeous it is, I mean, you could impress anyone with this!


Grapefruit whiskey sour in rocks glasses with citrus garnish.


Find Heather Christo's recipe for Grapefruit Whiskey Sour here.


Which one is your favorite? Have I missed any? 


For other fresh St. Patrick's Day cocktails that aren't whiskey (I know right, they actually do exist), I'd definitely recommend this rhubarb Moscow mule and the Lucky Leprechaun! And if it's still cold there, try this delicious hot whiskey toddy.


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Thursday 21st of March 2019

What a great roundup! So many delicious recipes that I'll definitely be making beyond St. Patrick's Day. Thanks for sharing!

Stine Mari | Ginger with Spice

Sunday 24th of March 2019

Thank you so much, Amanda!


Saturday 16th of March 2019

OOO Irish Mule looks so good! I love Moscow Mules, so this would be a fun twist!

Stine Mari | Ginger with Spice

Tuesday 19th of March 2019

Moscow Mule is one of my faves too!

Valerie Hansen

Saturday 16th of March 2019

Ill take one of the rosemary lemon bourbon, wow that sounds incredibly delish and looks it too!


Stine Mari | Ginger with Spice

Tuesday 19th of March 2019

I think so too!


Friday 15th of March 2019

Omg i am not a whiskey fan but you just made everything look and taste so good that i might have to try it.

Stine Mari | Ginger with Spice

Tuesday 19th of March 2019

Thank you so much! And if you don't want to use whiskey you can try tequila or rum too.

Leanne Wong | SEO + Blogging Strategist

Friday 15th of March 2019

Wow, your pictures are truly stunning. Thanks for sharing this superb list of refreshing cocktails!

Stine Mari | Ginger with Spice

Tuesday 19th of March 2019

Not all these are mine, but I only pick the best! Thank you!

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